So, the Excellence of the Soul, What Does it Mean?

It really is a place the heart knows intrinsically and the mind tries to make sense of, but can not.

But what does it mean? It is not something that typical success-chatter has it to be. It has nothing to do with being “good” or “moral” or “an upright citizen”,  blah, blah, blah…

Although those qualities might be an offshoot of this excellence but the soul, it is undaunted by trying to be anything except what it is. The soul exist as an entity unto itself.

The Spiritual Engine

The soul is like the Spiritual engine of the body, although it can’t break down. If ignored in its development and the constant feeding of “awareness”, of hope, of beauty and of joy, then the soul will diminish, not that it can really, but like that unused book we all probably have on our shelves, it will become dusty without constant interaction, vigilant care and concern.

While we may all know the soul needs attention, we go about our pitiful little lives from one activity to the next without a real thought. We become so lost in the contrivances of life that scoot us from one activity to another, that we fail to notice when we are losing our grip on our Spiritual reality, our souls purpose.

Now, don’t get put off on the Spiritual aspect here. We are not speaking of a religiousness, but of a quality everyone has, even atheists themselves. We all have that aspect within that we know that we are all interconnected, if you will, by a force of consciousness that determines who we are. It is the way we live, the way we love, the way we interact with the world around us.

What Level of Consciousness

It is that essence of our inner being, the excellence of the soul that produces the level of consciousness that we apply to all we think, say do and feel.

The soul, then, is really that essence of living that, while intangible, gives us a sense of meaning, of purpose, on a conscious level, and allows us to approach life in a new way, because, in the end, consciousness matters and mindfulness happens when we least expect it.

How does all of this help you to Direct Your Power?

Trust me, it does.

This is the fundamental aspect of living in power, the knowing that when we harness the way our soul is nourished and fed and used to fill our lives with an abundance that can only be imagined, then our power can manifest in our lives.


Next time, we look at the inner workings of how our awareness needs to feed the soul.